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Show Happenings

2012 Royal Canberra National Show

The largest poultry show in the Southern Hemisphere occurs every four years in our nation’s capital. In June this year the Royal National Capital Agricultural Society hosted the National Show at Exhibition Park in Canberra. Four of our members attended the show with their Brahma and Cochin. It was a great opportunity to promote our breeds and learn from experts. Despite around 2000 entries being rejected, over 5000 birds were entered!

The judge for both bantam and large fowl was Mr Guy Wailes. In the Softfeather heavy breed there were three classes available for Large Fowl: Brahma Light, Brahma AORC, and Cochin ARC. For Bantam fowl the following classes were available: Brahma Dark, Brahma Light, Brahma Buff Columbian, and Brahma AORC. The Shoalhaven Poultry Club kindly provided a prize for Best Cochin. Neal and Linda Lynch, Victoria Fulton and Franz Mahr were in attendance.

Victoria and Franz kindly took some great photos to share with our members in the Autumn/Winter newsletter. Victoria and Franz were unable to photograph birds belonging to other breeders outside of their pens but fortunately Andy Vardy generously allowed our club to display his beautiful photos in our newsletter.

Besides having a very successful website, Andy is also a highly regarded poultry photographer, and took photos of the winning birds to go on the Canberra National DVD. Victoria informs me that Andy took an awesome ‘Big v’s Little’ photo of Brett O’Brien’s Buff Cochin male and a Buff Pekin pullet owned by Kevin Adams. Check out Cochin’s Corner in our Autumn/Winter newsletter to see it! Victoria reported ‘…temperatures were minus 5◦C everyday and many birds found it cold until things had warmed up in the afternoons. Whilst the boys were standing for the camera, the girls just wouldn't stand correctly.'

Judge Guy Wailes was very helpful and eager to chat, and provided Victoria with some great tips on preventing sun fade of Buff Cochin feathers. Guy also informed Victoria that her Black Brahma pullets were the best he had seen; a well deserved compliment! 

Neil and Linda Lynch entered three bantam Dark and three bantam Light Brahma and reported ‘…a positive of entering the show is that we had two “new to the breed” breeders obtain stock, and since June four others have called enquiring as to the virtues of the bantam.’ Entries of Large Brahma and Cochins were low. It was unfortunate that only one Large Brahma possessing a colour recognised in the new Australian Standard was benched this year; a Light Brahma cock bird. It wasn’t all that long ago when we would see over 20 Large Light Brahmas at our Club show. Where have they gone? Hopefully as the popularity of the Brahma and Cochin breeds increase we will see more entries at major shows. A disappointing outcome of Black not being listed in the new Australian Standards of Perfection was that Victoria’s black pullet was not eligible to be considered for a major award. South Australian breeder Adam Van Dooren won Champion Large Brahma with a Light Cock bird. Victoria Fulton won Champion Large Brahma AORC with a black pullet (pictured on front page of newsletter) and Reserve AORC with a black pullet. 

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