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Brahma and Cochin Fowl Resources

Follow the links below to literature and other resources for the Brahma and Cochin fowl and other Asiatic poultry breeds.

The Asiatics

Published by the Reliable poultry Journal Publishing Company, Quincy, Illinois in 1904; with contributions from leading breeders, exhibitors and judges of the time. The Asiatics contains information on the origin of Brahma, Cochin and Langshan; peculiarities of shape and color; egg production; and their market qualities. Breeding, mating and exhibiting, with detailed illustrated instructions on judging.

The China Fowl

Written by George Pickering Burnham in 1874, The China Fowl: Shanghae, Cochin and "Brahma", contains information on the origin of the breeds; and breeding, mating and exhibiting

The Brahma Fowl

Written by Lewis Wright in 1873, The Brahma Fowl: A Monograph, contains information on the origin of Brahma; economic qualities and stock management; exhibition characteristics; breeding, rearing and management; and judging

Origin and History of All Breeds of Poultry

Published by the American Poultry Journal Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, in 1908, this book contains information on the origin and history of all breeds of chickens, ducks, and geese present in USA at the time, and includes full colour illustrations.

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