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hi - i'm looking for chickens and want to get a heritage breed. brahmas are my fave so looking for 3/4 brahma hens (i'm in suburbia so i assume my neighbours would not appreciate a rooster). if you have any available pls respond.

i see people trading fertile eggs too - may be interested as long as you can give me a quick rundown on how to hatch them (i'm new to the poultry game).



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Hi Aus,

There is an auction this weekend around the Sydney area with a few Brahmas in it! Contact Greenfumb or Shepy as I know they have the details.

good luck and welcome to the site,



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Hi Aus

Whereabouts are you?

There is an auction at Berry Showgrounds on March 20, there will be some Brahma for sale there and also Cochin.  I don't know who is selling them or what the quality or colours are but I know that at least some of them will be hens as single roosters are not allowed in the auction.

There is also someone at Kempsey who sells Brahma sometimes, check on BYP Noticeboard or Farmstock Classifieds.

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hey guys - i'm in western sydney. heard about the auction. unfortunately i won't be able to go as i have a prior engagement. pity as i think proceeds go to charity don't they.

i'll check out those classifieds and keep an eye on this forum. worst case i'll get a few vanilla birds and wait a few months till the next breeding season comes out.

appreciate you both taking time to reply - take care.

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bryan jon brahmas
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 Hi aus747 hope you can get some brahmas and welcome to our brahma site


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