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Buying Brahma and Cochin

Club Membership

  1. How do I become a member of the Brahma and Cochin Club of Australia?

    Simple. Just download a membership form on our 'Join Our Club' page and follow the instructions. Link below

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Buying Brahma and Cochin

  1. Where can I buy Brahma and Cochin in Australia?

    The best place to buy Brahma and Cochin is directly from a reputable breeder. Below are some suggestions on where to get Brahma and Cochin in Australia.

    Club Members - Visit our website Breeders Directory to find a breeder of the stock you are after. 

    Regional Shows - Some shows have sales associated with them. Additionally, pre-arranging collection at a show can save money on transport costs. Shows are also a great way to meet breeders and speak to them about acquiring stock from them. For information on the Club's annual show please visit" target="_blank">Annual Show

    Club Sales - Poultry clubs often hold sales days of purebred poultry, get in touch with your local poultry club to find out if they hold an annual sale.

    Poultry Auctions - There are numerous regular poultry auctions across Australia. However most aren't specifically pure breed auctions, so buyers should do their homework before going or asking the auction staff and experienced breeders about the birds they intend on bidding on.

    Online for sale sites - There are a number of online sites where birds are advertised for sale. i.e. classifieds, facebook, gumtree and more. This is not the ideal way for new poultry breeders to obtain their first birds as you may be miss lead or purchase sick birds. However you can generally source good stock from the Club's Facebook Page

    and other pages such as 

    Cochin Poultry Australia

    Tasmanian Brahma Interest Group

    Brahma and Cochin Lovers

    Be sure to check the quality of stock on offer and ask experienced breeders on the Facebook pages to assist with your decision if you are unsure.

    Note: Be cautious when ever you introduce new birds to your flock. It is best to keep them isolated for 2 weeks to avoid spreading of disease. Always introduce new birds slowly, as new birds can receive very harsh treatment from the existing birds.

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