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2017 17th Annual National Show

Venue: Exhibition Park, as part of The Royal Canberra Poultry Show

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend 10th-11th of June

The show schedule and entry form will be emailed to club members in May. If you would like more information about the show please contact:

Celeste Graham - 0413 307 594 or [email protected]

Peter Shands 0401 832 395 or [email protected]

Download a show schedule and entry form by clicking on the link below

The Royal Canberra Poultry Show

Judges: Prof. Kevin Smith

Chief Steward: TBA (for Brahma and Cochin)

Show Date: Saturday 10th June 2017

Time: 9 am

Entries: Contact [email protected]

Entries close 12th May. Please return entries as soon as possible to make life easier for the show organisers.

Entry Fees:
See show schedule and entry form available for download from the link above.

Note: For both Brahma and Cochin - within each colour class there will be the four sections; Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet.


Brahma Classes: 

The “Premier 3” Classes
Partridge includes Gold and Blue Gold

All other Classes
Columbian AC (All colours with a columbian pattern) includes Blue Light, Buff Columbian, Blue Buff Columbian, and White Buff Columbian

Self Colour AC includes White, Black, Buff and Blue

Barred AC includes Barred, Cuckoo, Buff Cuckoo, Barred Light, Barred Buff Columbian, Gold Crele and Silver Crele

AOC (All other colours) includes Chamois, Salmon, Splash, Speckled, Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Blue Laced Gold and others


Cochin Classes:


AOC (All other colours)


The following awards will also be presented (one sash for each class included in the CRPS):

• Grand Champion of Show Brahma or Cochin (sash and trophy)

• Champion Standard Brahma (sash and trophy)

• Champion Bantam Brahma (sash and trophy)

• Champion Cochin (sash and trophy)

• Reserve Champion Standard Brahma (sash)

• Reserve Champion Bantam Brahma (sash)

• Reserve Champion Cochin (sash)

• Best Bantam AORC Brahma (sash)

• Best Bantam ARC Cockerel Breeding Female Brahma (sash)

• Best Bantam ARC Pullet Breeding Male Brahma (sash)

• Best Bantam Buff Columbian Brahma (sash)

• Best Bantam Dark Brahma (sash)

• Best Bantam Light Brahma (sash)

• Best Bantam Partridge Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard AORC Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard ARC Cockerel Breeding Female Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard ARC Pullet Breeding Male Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard Barred AC Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard Columbian AC Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard Dark Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard Light Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard Partridge Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard Self-coloured AC Brahma (sash)

• Best Standard AORC Cochin (sash)

• Best Standard Buff Cochin (sash)

Recognition Awards:

Cindy Pretty Breeder of the Year Award

Lance Hicks Memorial Award

• K&C Abuid Award for Best Bantam Light Brahma

• Bryan Jon Meade Award for Best Standard Dark Brahma *new*

• Don Jones Award for Best Bantam Dark Brahma

• Rob Gollop Award for Best Standard Partridge Brahma *new*

• George Childs Award for Best Bantam Partridge Brahma

- Champion Junior

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM will take place on Saturday 10 June, 2017 3pm, Location TBA (at showgrounds). The agenda will be emailed out to financial members in May.

Note: An informal dinner will be held on the Friday nights before the show for members, exhibitors and those just wanting to talk chook. Contact Celeste Graham for more info. 

The Royal Canberra Poultry Show Dinner is being held at 6.30pm Saturday June 10. At ‘Pavillion on Northbourne’ in Dickson Cost - $70pp (190 places available). Use Entry Form to book and pay. If you are not exhibiting, use the Entry Form but write ‘Dinner only’ and fill out the appropriate details and submit as per details on the form.

For more information email Celeste Graham via [email protected] or call 0413 307 594 for more information.

Some exhibitors will be staying in town on Sunday night after the show and will meet for dinner - location and time to be organised on the day of the show.

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